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I woke up this morning thinking about all that I had to do and how I was going to get it all done. I pulled out my laptop, payed a few bills, did a little research, checked my grades from last week, and decided it was time to get ready for work. I got into the shower, where my thoughts always run.

For the last few months, I have been living in this world where I have to make my non-profit a success. I’ve applied for grants that I KNOW I don’t qualify for, and I have met a lot of people. I’ve sent emails to people who probably don’t care much about me, and I have been trying to force myself to at least act like I like LinkedIn. At least my picture is up-to-date, so that’s a plus!


Do you ever feel like God is making things happen for you? Like He is putting things together that only you and Him have talked about? Well, yeah. This is sort of like that. I’ve made so many connections and established relationships with so many different people lately that I am noticing that I am running in the same circles as other women on my level. The problem is, I’m not sure how to stand out. How do I make my brand “pop”? I’ve attended the most boring seminars, volunteered in places to make my face known, stepped up my appearance, stepped out of my comfort zone, and carry business cards everywhere I go, out of habit. I’ve been noticing changes in myself recently. Not all are bad either. I’ve ultimately come to the conclusion that I am growing up, and that’s just that.

Change #1: Vocabulary on the rise!

I’m starting to use words that I have never used before. In the course of interviewing people, meeting new people, and of course, working as a graduate student, my vocabulary had grown immensely, and those words have snuck into conversations with family and friends. I’m ok with this.

Change #2: Who mad? Not me!

It takes a lot to get me upset now. As a teenager, I was so adamant about maintaining friendships and denouncing false truths. But, this Tyra, doesn’t really care. I’ve been and will probably always be that fat b**** with the glasses, and that is fine with me. Lol. My patience has certainly grown, and I find myself in prayer more often for those who clearly have internal issues that are projecting outward to others.

Change #3: Look like something. Everyone is watching!

I am more conscientious of my appearance. Last year, I interviewed over 100 people, and as a HRD (Human Resource Development) Professional, I cannot afford to be caught slipping in public wearing my bonnet, leggings from Ross, and a T-Shirt that says, “CPA Titans” on it. I’ve definitely graduated from that wardrobe. For example, there is this woman, AH (I won’t name her specifically), who is my all time superhero. I bumped into her at Aldi one day, and if it wan’t for my super huge coat, she probably would have thought I was a bum. On the other hand, she was in her business attire, and looked professional just going to the grocery store. That day, I vowed that I would look like something in public. Especially with my goals and brand becoming more public.

Change #4: Nothing is private anymore! 

I have become wayyyyy less ratchet on social media. Have you seen that show, “You” on Netflix? If not, go watch it. Our social media content is literally all over the world, and everyone has the ability to see what you put out there. When I was a teenager, I shared inappropriate things, cursed a lot, and posted things I had no business posting. I literally CRINGE when I see my Facebook memories from years back. If you look on my social media right now, my intentions are to project my brand. If it’s not positive, inspirational, empowering, motivational, or helpful, I AM NOT POSTING, SHARING OR ENTERTAINING IT. Now, Snapchat is different. We all have our inner Cardi B. Don’t judge me. Lol

Change #5: Organi-what?

I pay more attention to my calendars and to-do lists. Actually, I live by them. Do you remember when we were all teens? We would get planners and they would go to waste. Who had time to be writing down homework assignments, the due dates, and all of that. Girl, please! Well, look at me now! I use two different Google calendars, a planner, two major journals, and the refrigerator to keep my life in order. I had to realize that between homework due dates, interviews, appointments, friends, family, events, birthdays, and of course, BILLS, I had to get my life. So, if you see me toting around all of this stuff, don’t mind me. I’m just trying to make sure that I didn’t miss my discussion post for class, and that Ameren/Spire is not sending me a pink slip tomorrow.

Change #6: Clench those coins!

I used to love spending money as soon as a I got it. But let me tell you something. I make too much money to be broke. Let me just be honest. So, I sat down and stuck to a budget plan. At this point, I’m trying to maximize my savings and minimize my spending. Back in the day, Simply Fashions, Family Dollar, Wal-Mart, Rainbow, and whatever I was craving to eat was getting anywhere from 45-65% of my income. No maam! I learned to be a little more cost effective so that I can enjoy experiences instead of material items. I much rather travel to Spain than buy outfits that I may or may not wear more than twice. Plus, I would leave out of Wal-Mart with stuff I didn’t need anyway. I have locs, but I would buy a set of combs because the colors were cute. Why? No viable reason, honestly.

Change #7: Investing and ROI!

So, here’s the thing; I would spend leftover money on things that have absolutely no positive affect on where I am headed. I was quick to buy a $100 outfit, but I was skeptical about purchasing $100 worth of business cards. It took a hard reality check to tell myself, “Your business isn’t popular, because you are not investing in it. Why would someone invest their time, attention, or funds into a business that not even the owner is investing in?” I couldn’t get mad! Apart of growing up is making positive decision that affect your livelihood. By spending $100 on business cards, others are now willing to take me more seriously. That’s the ROI (return on investment). Don’t play yourself sis. That $100 will come back to you tenfold.

Overall, there are a lot of changes that will happen will you begin to mature and make changes in your life that affect your livelihood. Theses changes for feel forced, but they will be necessary to make it to the next step. I hope these words touched someone today. I know I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to, but by the end of this year, we will all see why!

Cheers to the rest of 2019!

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