Life doesn't come with trainin' wheels.

No Trainin' Wheels Foundation was founded by Tyra Perry (Pearson) in 2017. The idea behind the organization stemmed from a childhood story that Mrs. Perry found to be one of her most valuable experiences. As a child, no older than 4 years of age, Tyra begged her parents to teach her how to ride her bike. Unfortunately, there was a lot of procrastination and waiting because she needed her training wheels first. One day, her father finally got the training wheels and put them on her bicycle. Her uncle offered to take her bike up a hill to put air in the tires so that she would be ready for her first ride. 

Her uncle underestimated physics when he decided to ride a little girl's bicycle down the hill. To be concise, physics got the best of him, and he and the bike flipped over each other several times. Sadly, he bent her new training wheels in the process and Tyra was devastated. While all of the kids in the subdivision were out enjoying their bikes, she was stuck with bent training wheels and a sad face. She decided that she was determined to ride her bike with or without assistance. She mounted her bike and proceeded to ride. She never fell off, and rode that bike like it was second nature. Her parents stood in awe, and ever since, she’s been living life accordingly.

Tyra has managed to incorporate this mentality into her adulthood and began this organization to empower women so that they could also navigate life confidently with or without assistance.

With this organization, you don't have to worry about balancing and/or falling off. Through our support groups, workshops, events, and authenticity, we will be your training wheels!